26 Goals in the Year 26

  1. Write a poem every day.
  2. Write a blog post every day. My plan is to try a series of frugal tips and blog about it, as well as regular entries like this.
  3. Exercise every day. Yesterday I bicycled. Tonight I have practice. Tomorrow I will run.
  4. See the Grand Canyon. Yep. Still on the list from last time. An idea is percolating…
  5. Develop a consistent sleep schedule/evening routine. I think the key to this is waking up and going to sleep at regular hours, plus limiting computer time in the evening.
  6. Spend less than I earn. I would like my wall chart to show steady increases instead of major fluctuation.
  7. Read 26 books. I have tried reading more books in a year, but I haven’t ever made it to 52. I think I can read 2-3 books in a month. 
  8. Go to Mexico. I live so close!
  9. Hike more often. What does “more often” mean? I’d like to hike maybe six times in the next year. It is more than I am hiking now, but it is also manageable.
  10. Submit for publication. Scary.
  11. Connect with family. Part of me wanted to put “visit family more” but that seems like an unlikely scenario in the next year, so I must remember to put time into my relationships even when I can’t be physically present.
  12. Waste less time on the internet. Most of the stuff online is basically a waste of time. I’m hoping that by setting myself up with long-lasting, consistent goals like 1-3, I can avoid misspending my youth (see what I did there?). Otherwise, I might try a two hour Internet allowance or programs that limit access to distracting websites.
  13. Run a half marathon. My forever goal.
  14. Cultivate frugality. This goal is a practical tie-in to Goal #2, but you could also substitute gratitude for frugality and still capture my basic idea. Purchases do not buy happiness. I had a much better birthday yesterday than I would have if I’d spent twice as much. I think also that frugality makes me more appreciative of what I already have which makes me a happier, more positive person.
  15. Bicycle more. I want to be able to bicycle to work—that is the ultimate goal, but that will take some negotiating. In the meantime, I just want to bicycle everywhere else that I can.
  16. Improve my knitting. I think I have enough basic skills for some projects, get excited.
  17. Improve my Spanish. En mi trabajo, hay muchas oportunidades para practicar mi español, pero yo estoy tímida.
  18. Do something I never imagined. Freebie! Who knows what this will be?
  19. Save for H.’s wedding. I am in a wedding in a year’s time. It is a destination wedding for me (back home, not in S.D.) and I want to be able to participate as fully as possible while still being on a tight budget. That means I need to start thinking now about putting money aside for next year.
  20. Save, period. Because I’m broke, obviously.
  21. Eat more dinners with Boyfriend. What does “more dinners” mean? I just want to be mindful of this opportunity to spend quality time together. It’s easy between his school schedule and my practices to just make a bowl of pasta separately and continue staring at our respective computer screens. I’d like to do less of that.
  22. Hustle on the money front. Can’t save it if I’m not earning it. The more I can earn the more I can save.
  23. Spend more time on my creativity. Another “more” question. I am bad at writing concrete, specific goals. This goes back to goal #12, waste less time on the internet and also #16 & #17. I want to use my brain more. There are so many better ways I can spend my time, like writing or painting or knitting and I don’t want to lose those skills.
  24. Keep tracking money in and money out. I’ve gotten lackadaisical about this and I need to get back on the horse.
  25. Reduce consumption/possessions. Part of the frugality goal. More on this later this week.  
  26. Find direction/self-knowledge. Possibly the broadest goal in the list. Sometimes I feel like I fall into decisions and a year from now I would like to feel differently, I would like to feel that I am making conscious choices about my lifestyle and my future. That takes knowing who I am and what I want, and that means asking myself a lot of questions.

My plan is to try to tackle these goals evenly throughout the year, a few goals a month like Rubin does in The Happiness Project, though obviously the first three goals will start right away and be ongoing. So my plan is to start with goals 1-3 this month, and then begin focusing on the money/savings related goals next month (since they are also ongoing) once I feel like my writing and exercise routines are solidly in place.

I am good at making plans like this. We’ll see how good I can be at following through after a few months.


  1. Do you weekly break down the goal of the month, and create tasks, that you can cross off? I find myself pretty motivated with the “crossing off” feeling–and the satisfaction of looking at the sheet, and realizing I don’t have a real pending emergency so I can put my “anxious feelings” down, and be in the moment. Have been off line a week, so am enjoying catching up on your blog entrees. bj

    1. Since this month are my top 3 goals (write a blog post everyday, write a poem everyday, and exercise everyday) I put them first on my “Most Important Tasks” list and I don’t go to sleep unless I’ve done them. Sometimes this really makes me reconsider how I’m misspending my time as I don’t really like to be up late so if I am doing any of those things after 9:30 pm, I start to question how I spent the rest of the day and I do better.

      For future goals, my plan is to look for concrete actions and then make those part of my daily tasks. We’ll see how it goes come November.

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